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Drivers who form our customer base in Muncy love Nissan trucks for their rugged dependability and high-level performance. AT Alexander Nissan, we have a lineup of various Nissan truck models for all your needs within Williamsport. Our collection includes all the trims in their different sizes and capabilities to address our loyal customers' varying needs in the area.

Alexander Nissan has a lineup that suits you if you are searching for midsize, full-size, or even heavy-duty Nissan trucks. Our inventory collection takes care of even the most demanding truck owner's needs, such as those who use trucks to transport. Feel free to come to us and select the truck that best suits your needs.

Alexander Nissan is leading in marketing Nissan trucks within town and its environs. The experience is a plus for our clients who are looking for quality trucks.

Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier is the best truck for drivers who want a machine that works. Its V6 engine gives it the power to work perfectly for you, and that includes hauling too. Some of its top trims have an incredible off-road capability, making them great partners in your off-road expeditions.

The Nissan Frontier truck is easy to drive, and the drive itself feels comfortable. You get to select either the King Cab or the Crew Cab with a 5-foot cargo bed and four doors. The engine in all the trims has a 3.8L capacity, and they all have an automatic transmission system.

Nissan Frontier Trim Levels

  • Frontier S
  • Frontier SV
  • Frontier Pro 4-X

The Nissan Frontier is for people in business and other drivers who are keen on getting a perfect vehicle for their transportation needs. It is for the drivers who are not looking for fancy and detailed interior and infotainment details. For these needs, we have many other models in our lineup.

Nissan Titan & Nissan Titan XD

The Nissan Titan and its Titan XD counterparts share many features and are of the same size. Some of their shared features include a similar interior configuration, advanced technology, and safety features. You will find both of them in our collection, too.

Which of the two is your best fit, you may ask? Read along for a comparison of some of the features that make each of them unique. On our side, we have made sure that the options we have made available have the best qualities for your satisfaction.

Nissan Titan Engine and Towing Capability

Although both the Titan and Titan XD have 5.6L V8 Endurance engines, the Titan XD has a commercial-grade reinforced frame that gives it a bigger towing capability. As such, it can tow up to a maximum of 11,000 lbs while the Titan has a limit of 9,400 lbs.

The Frame and Drivetrain

While both trims have a sturdy frame that gives each of them a strong foundation, the Titan XD has additional commercial grade parts that make it tough enough for heavier loads.

At Alexander Nissan, you get to choose between the Nissan Titan, which has a rear-wheel-drive and the Titan XD that is purely a four-wheel-drive. The Titan may have a four-wheel addition but only as an available upgrade option. We assist our customers in Lewisburg choose the best fit, depending on their needs and budgetary plans. We have a best-fit plan for everyone.

The Nissan Frontier

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The Nissan Titan

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You can browse our lineup of Nissan trucks collection here and talk to us. Alternatively, you can visit us physically at Alexander Nissan in Muncy and make a physical inspection. After that, choose your best fit and book a test drive as we wait to close a deal with you. If you're in Wilkes-Barre or beyond, stop by for more information today! Be sure to check out our new inventory, including the Nissan Frontier and Nissan Titan, as well as our promotions.

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